mattresses for less - You're Going to Have to Pay More...Even Though You Already Paid

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After purhcasing two pieces of a bedroom set series "Bel Air Pecan", I came back to add to it with another nightstand and dresser.I purchased the two items and scheduled for delivery 30 days out.

They charged my card after telling me that my items were in stock and gave me an invoice #. Three days later I receive a call from a different salesman telling me that they have to get one of the items from another store so I have to pay the difference. I proceeded to speak with the manager and he was beyond ignorant.

He lied about not having the item as I saw 2 of them in two different stores over the weekend.It came down to the fact that his employee dropped it too low and it was worth $80 for him to *** of the consumer and lose business forever!

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mattresses for less - What a bunch of low life crooks

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Greg Taylor and his crew are a bunch of crooks.They sell bedding and then don't honor the warranty.

We bought a Spring air bed set which hasn't lasted 3 yrs, after calling them they send us a 12 page Restonic warranty form which nothing to do with the bed we bought,and tell us Spring air is out of business.

We were told we can take it Corsicana Texas for repair, That's 300+ miles from where we live. Greg was no help and kept sending us to other people with other companies but no help. He offered to sell another mattress for his cost. (Thanks Greg, BIG HELP)).

Even after checking with his store his so called cost was a bunch of Bull&^*%!

I bought from a reputable dealer and will NEVER do biz with this bunch of thieves Again.They will take your money, smile in your face and *** as soon as you get out the door.YOU have been Warned!!!!

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That iz sooo sad.. they love to rip ppl off so many ppl had problems with them.....

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